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Local authorities and Local Agenda 21

Municipalities, now numbering 264, have broader powers in the field of planning, equipment of the municipality and the economic and social development. Their skills in urban planning have been strengthened in 1994 with the release of the new Code of Land Management and Urban Development, allowing the implementation of sustainable development objectives that cannot be crossed without a massive commitment of local, urban and rural areas. To do this, it would be appropriate that they engage in the holding of real local consultation, to create spaces for consultation and dialogue on major environmental and development issues.

The preparation and implementation of Local Agenda 21 could provide an appropriate framework for the development of such consultative process while respecting the guidelines set by the national Agenda 21 and as part of a common vision for sustainable development for the Tunisia of Tomorrow.

Local Agenda 21 program aims to develop a local participatory planning process for sustainable development and to provide cities and rural communities effective tools, so that they can get closer to the criteria of the sustainable city. And this should be generalized to all Tunisian cities. This process, monitored and supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment since 1999, has started with a pilot project (or pilot phase) to develop a Local Agenda 21 for the watershed area of North West Tunisia. Since that, twenty municipalities have been able to develop their own local Agenda 21 and more than 160 others have joined this initiative.

In order to generalize the local Agenda 21 processes to all Tunisian communities, and improve mechanisms to carry out this process, the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (Directorate General for Sustainable Development) has launched a study to update the reference document on the Local Agenda 21 process. The aim of the study, which is in its final stage, is to update and enrich the existing guide ( Local Agenda 21guide) through the innovations of practical experiences of local authorities, subject of the second phase, (document "Local Agenda 21 process in Tunisia, Leaders Initiatives (2010)") and to respond to major questions raised by these communities.

Local 21 Agenda
Initiative leaders - French version
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